Contains 1-4 treatments depending on hair length and volume.

Straighter, Shinier, Frizz-Free Hair!
Brazilian Keratin Straightening:
Do It Yourself & Save Hundreds $$

Lasts 3-5 Months 
    •Resists Humidity and Sweat      Deep Conditions
Cuts Styling Time      Repairs Damage      Reduces Breakage      •Preserves Color

Brazilian keratin has revolutionized the process of making hair straighter, shiny and frizz-free.  It's a protective shield that gently holds hair straight, blocks humidity, resists breakage, preserves color, and deep conditions for shine and softness--a miraculous advance over relaxers and straighteners that shred the hair's cuticle and dissolve its molecular bonds

The result: straighter, shinier, frizz-free hair for 3-5 months, with styling time cut in half or more. 
No more frizz or 'pouff' from humidity, rain, or sweat.  Even those with straight hair swear by it for frizz control and shine. 

Keratin straightening is stylists' first choice for their own hair, but the high cost puts it out of reach for many others
; salons routinely charge $200-$500, before the tip!  Now Uncurly gives you the same 3-5 month frizz-free results for about $20 per treatment.

Uncurly's mission is to make this life-changing breakthrough available and affordable to all. 
Not weak, ineffective drugstore/Sally's/retail products, but superior salon keratin--the kind that isn't sold to the public.  We give professional results that meet or exceed any salon's.
We stand by our motto:
   "If you can wash, dry, and iron, you're overqualified."

Salon Keratin...Without the Salon!
       Professional Results, At-Home Price!