Regine, Louisiana:   "Magazines always say, 'Curly hair is SO easy.  Just get a cut that works with the curl,' but for me, wearing my hair curly takes a lot of work.  I use one product for curl separation, another one for frizz, then blow dry the bangs to straighten them a little --but not too much--then diffuse the rest while working it 'just so' with my fingers, then spray it for hold.  And after all that, if I lie down, put on a hat, get caught in the rain, or ride in a convertible, it's pretty much ruined. 

So I used to blow-dry it straight, then flat iron it, but half an hour later it would be a puffy, frizzy disaster.  And no, silicone serums don't stop curl or frizz, they just make your hair limp and greasy.  I own hundreds of dollars worth of anti-frizz/anti-curl products and not one of them does what I needed. 

The difference in my hair since using Uncurly™ is beyond words.  It has honestly changed my life.  I blow dry my hair for few minutes; it looks great, and it stays great.  If I want more curl or wave, I air dry it partly or totally.  If I want it really straight, I flat-iron it--for a fraction of the time it used to take.  My part of the world is pretty much swampland, but the frizz is under control.  In fact, I just got my first bangs, which would have been unthinkable in the past.  My hair looks the best it ever has.  Everybody keeps commenting on it."
Alexis,  Washington, DC:   "I want to fill you in on my last month and a half with this incredible treatment.  I am in awe of this product.  I am African American and before, my hair was extremely kinky and frizzy and damaged from so much relaxer.  Nothing will ever make my hair air dry perfectly straight, but it was so much better after using Uncurly™.  When I first washed it out I couldn't believe the difference.  My hair felt light -- not limp -- but light and soft instead of scratchy like it usually is. The first time I flat-ironed it, I was in love... it looked perfect!  It's great in the summer when women's hair goes crazy frizzy. I really cannot believe this is MY hair.  It has even grown an inch longer without breaking.   I recommend this product."

UPDATE: “I have used Uncurly™ again and my hair looks even better than the first time.  It has grown about 2 inches without breaking and it's now past my shoulders, which I've never been able to do before.  Even when I used to spend $125 every two weeks getting my hair wrapped, it never looked this good.  Thank you so much!”
Michelle, New York:  "Uncurly™ gave me back the hair I had when I was eighteen.  I'm 49 and my hair was always fairly straight, but it developed an unattractive wave after my pregnancies and over the years it became thinner and limp.  Then I started to get a lot of gray, which had a scratchy, frizzy texture.  I was nervous about using Uncurly™ because I'm not much of a do-it-yourselfer, but it was as easy as coloring my hair.  I've used it six times and the improvement in my hair is unbelievable. 

It looks beautiful even if I air dry it.  It looks great when I roll out of bed, even if I went to sleep with wet hair. It feels thicker, conditioned, and it's MUCH shinier.  People never used to remark on my hair but I get so many compliments now. Everyone thinks I've just had a professional blowout.
Caroline, Virginia:  "I had a Brazilian Blowout last June -- loved it.  It was the first summer that my hair actually looked good, but it was ridiculously expensive so I did it as a one-time birthday present.  But there was no turning back--I was addicted

I didn't realize I could do it myself until I saw the Gazette ad.  Uncurly™ gave me as good if not better results than my stylist, and it was easy.  I saved several hundred dollars on the first one alone there's enough product left over to do two more rounds.  My sisters want me to do theirs--maybe I'll go into business!  LOL"

Before and After    What Uncurly users say: 
Francesca, Florida:   "When I tried Uncurly,™ I wasn't expecting much because it was so inexpensive. I figured it wouldn't last very long, but after 4 months it still looks smooth.  I will do this for the rest of my life."
Terry (Mike's mom), Texas:  "We recently moved from Phoenix (dry air) to Dallas (very humid).  Our son, Mike, 15, had to leave his friends, his team, and on top of all that, his hair went completely out of control as he was trying to fit into a new place. Teenage boys are just as self-conscious as girls; it's hard for them to be outgoing when they feel bad about how they look.  It was the first time I'd seen him fuss with his hair, wear gel, even sleep in a ski hat.  He even tried his sister's flat iron. 

A friend gave us some Uncurly™ to try.  I did the application and we spent the time talking, which was good.  When he washed it out, we couldn't believe the change.  My "after" picture doesn't do it justice because he got a haircut later and looks really handsome.  He thinks he looks better now than in Arizona.  I heard him joke about being a 'babe magnet.' His attitude has done a 180º.  He's more confident and positive about starting school next month.  Thanks for a lifesaver."
Susan, Maryland:  "No exaggeration--this product has changed my entire life.  It's like a steambath outside but my hair looks fantastic!  Just walking from my car to my office used to frizz out my hair. Not any more.  My blow-drying has gone from 40 minutes to 10, and my flat ironing from 15 to 4.  Every day my hair looks professionally done.  Even at  the beach last week, it looked fantastic. 

My stylist suggested keratin last year but it would have cost $300 every 3-4 months.  I watched him do it and it looked easy, but I couldn't buy the product.  Uncurly™  did an amazing job and I have enough left for at least two or three more uses.  Good fragrance. The flat iron works great.  My hair looks incredible every day.   Huge boost to my life."
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